Create your own retail private marketplace using OfferLogic

We enable multi-brand retailers to capture supplier promotional dollars that increase visibility. Our private market solution drives relevant product suggestions, combined with advertising dollars to give customers what they want, while retailers enjoy incremental margin.

OfferLogic helps you design and run monetization programs at scale


It's your site. It's your app. You choose where, when and how brands connect with your customers.

Speed + Flexibility

Deliver offers natively via client-side div injections or server-side offers API.

Cart Building

Deliver cross-sell on product pages, cart pages, order confirmation, and in emails.

End to End Engagement

Enable direct sold campaigns to reach customers across the entire funnel; first impression - through checkout.

End to end paid experiences

Let your top brands buy into featured product areas. OfferLogic provides a platform to create and manage differentiated paid placements.

Category & Search
Cart Cross-sell
Paid Post-Sale

Deliver high value placement opportunities for merchants

OfferLogic not only gives retailers another way to monetize their site traffic, but provides additional high return placements to share with strategic merchants.

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