The platform that helps clicks convert

OfferLogic has developed a proprietary offer delivery platform that allows for real-time personalized merchandising without any operational drag. Smart decisioning, native offer presentation and customer focused fulfillment set OfferLogic’s product apart from the rest.

The right offer at the right time

OfferLogic’s Decisioning Engine allows multi-level decisioning based on many variables, including:







The best targeting for your offer means no impression is wasted.

A seamless and customizable experience

The OfferLogic Container Library gives you the option to choose the best container for your site placement. We’ll design the container to match your website design and styling so that the user experience goes uninterrupted.

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Engage with your new customers

Once a customer takes an offer, what happens next? Our platform offers a myriad of options so you can choose the engagement you desire.

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Online and offline

Administration and optimization, all in real-time

The robust OfferLogic Analytics and Admin Dashboard provides easy access to all of the platform’s various components; targeting, display containers, offers, and performance measurement.

Enjoy real-time analytics with full-funnel visibility into offer performance, from the first impression to the last conversion.

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