Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my tag have any technical dependencies? For the vast majority of our partners we do not require anything more than the implementation of the tag and data object described on the page. If there is something unique about your site framework, we'll work with you to make sure everything can be added easily and smoothly.
  • Can I use a tag manager to implement the OfferLogic tag onto my site? We recommend hard-coding the tag on the page for optimal efficiency, but you are able to serve our tag using a tag manager. Just make sure the populated OLData object is on the page prior to appending the tag to the .
  • What controls where the offers go - can I specify an element to serve into? As part of the implementation process, our developers will identify the most appropriate element on your page to anchor our offer placements so that everything is served in properly. This allows us to easily move the placement around when you decide you want to perform some testing. If you would prefer to hard code an element we’ll serve into, please let your account manager know.
  • Will your tag slow down loading of my site? Our tag and all assets are designed to wait until after the DOM has finished loading, and after the DOM has completed, all assets are loaded asynchronously. Alternatively, we can configure your implementation to load before the DOM has loaded. Our static content is loaded from our fast and reliable content delivery network (CDN). Simply put, our containers should have negligible to no impact on the base page load of your site.
  • Can I use JavaScript to scrape values from the page in order to populate the OLData object? We strongly recommend populating the OLData object with values from your database, as it results in the smoothest and cleanest experience. If you need to scrape content from the page to populate the OLData object, ensure you populate the data object before the tag runs on the page.
  • Can I change the key names in the OLData object? The specified key names provided in the example in Section 2, Step 2 above are required for our system to work. However, we are happy to work with you if there is a reason you cannot use the keys specified above.
  • Can I add additional data to the OLData object? While we don’t support custom data attributes, we are always looking to expand our API to help better serve our partners. Please contact your account manager to discuss any additional data you’d like to see included.
  • How can I see my new container before my users do? We know that each organization has different testing processes, and can accommodate yours with simple configurations. We can display your container in specific non-production environments (QA, Staging,etc.) if you wish to deploy our tag there first. New containers are hidden from your users until you tell us they (and the offers within them) are ready for prime-time.
  • I am an existing partner and I still have the adagilityData object on my page. Will I have to make any changes to maintain my current experience? Though the adagilityData object has been deprecated, we currently still support its implementation for existing partners. If we decide to remove its support you will be contacted in advance by your account manager with steps for migrating to the latest implementation. No action on your behalf is required at this time.
  • I have more questions. Please reach out to your account manager - we’d love to help!

QA Testing for Containers and Libraries

  • QA Testing for Containers and Libraries While we fully test each new container, we’ll work with your team to ensure your greatest confidence before launch. All our tests are performed locally or using virtual machines to assess performance and display across browsers. Our team is happy to support the testing of your placement on whichever environment(s) you’d like before launch - including production, where we can force the container to load without being visible to users. In the absence of a test account, we will trigger load of our container via browser console to ensure the container renders and performs as designed. Prior to launch, all outbound communication (impression tracking, offers takes) is routed to our Staging servers. Our Staging servers are clones of our Production servers in terms of software and general configuration, but with scaled-down computing power given the lesser traffic hitting them.
  • What browsers are tested and supported? We test in all major browsers and versions. For auto-updating browsers, we test back to periodic versions back 2 years and then the last 5 consecutive versions. The list includes:
    - Chrome (Windows and OS X)
    - Firefox (Windows and OS X)
    - Safari (OS X)
    - Microsoft Edge (Windows)
    - Internet Explorer (IE9 through the current version)
  • What are you testing for? 1. Loading - Takes place within expected time frames for both cached and not-cached assets.
    2. Appearance - CSS appears correctly and as-expected for the browser version.
    3. Interaction - All user interactions as implemented behave as expected.
    4. Communication - data is sent properly and efficiently through AJAX requests for tracking and processing of offers
  • Do you support and test for mobile clients? Absolutely. If your desktop site is expected to be viewed on mobile devices or is responsive, we design, test and optimize for the most popular mobile browsers. If you have a separate mobile site, we can specifically design and target a container for that site. If you have a mobile site which OfferLogic is not expected to be running on, we will ensure that the presence of our container does not impact your mobile site experience in any way.
  • How is Decisioning Logic Tested? Decisioning logic is a part of our platform, not a part of each placement. Our platform regularly undergoes a series of automated integration tests to ensure our offer delivery is working as expected. While our platform relies on the adagilityData object being structured appropriately on your site, we will confirm that you have placed it properly before your placement launches.
  • How are OfferLogic's JavaScript Library Assets Tested? We support asset loading and for user interactions with two primary JavaScript libraries. These libraries undergo rigorous testing before being deployed to partner sites, and all logic is written to be compatible with the browsers summarized above. Any JavaScript created for a custom user interaction or experience will be tested as a described above, in preparation for launching the container.