Quick Start Guide

By adding just a couple lines of JavaScript to your website you can begin serving relevant offers and containers to your users. The JavaScript snippet you will be adding is unique to your site and allows the offers and containers created within the OfferLogic platform to be dynamically shown to your site visitors.

Step 1

Determine which pages of your site you’d like to promote offers (e.g. registration page, order receipt page, shopping cart, confirmation page, product page, etc.).

Step 2

On the pages you’d like offers to appear, include your OfferLogic script tag just above the closing tag. Please note we will provide you with a unique tag for your site which contains your unique partner-id. The tag below is for example purposes.

Minimal API – expanded options for optimal targeting available in our API documentation page.

Note: If you are an existing Host Partner using the adagilityData object, please contact your OfferLogic account manager before any new implementations.

<!-- Start OfferLogic Script Tag-->
<script type="text/javascript">
window.OLData = {
    	email: "User email address",
        firstName: "User first name",
        lastName: "User last name",
        phone: "User primary phone number",
        businessName: "User business name"
<script src="//wasabi.760main.com/pub/partner-id/tag.js"></script>
<!-- End OfferLogic Script Tag -->

Step 3

Once the script tag has been added now go back and populate the OLData object with the users information if it is available. Typically this information should be available if the user is logged in or going through a signup, registration, or order flow. The purpose of the OLData object is to provide lead information and targeting data back to our system to better serve the offers to your customers and leads to our advertisers. If the user data is not available or can not be populated then leave the fields as empty strings. If there is additional data you’d like to populate to take advantage of additional targeting opportunities please reference the API Documentation.

Step 4

Once integration is complete and deployed to your production site please contact OfferLogic to have the offers turned on. By default no offers will appear on your website, this is done by design so please don’t be concerned if you don’t see anything appear once you’ve added the tags to your site. After integration is complete from your side, OfferLogic will go through a final round of checks before turning the offers “on” for your site.