Do more for your customers and implement a winning program

OfferLogic helps marketing experts drive product awareness, adoption, customer loyalty and expand margins across a variety of industries and business objectives.

The right offer at the right time

  • Present coupons, physical samples, magazines, or any other offer under the sun, including your own

  • Drive greater engagement and uncover customer interest

  • Start customer journeys and send trigger-based emails

  • Run complementary partner offers and drive incremental revenue

A seamless and customizable experience

  • While your current customers engage with your product, drive additional product adoption

  • Run a free trial so customers get exposure to your other products & services

  • Promote add-on services that complement your SaaS offering

  • Integrate with CRM & Marketing Automation solutions to make sales follow up seamless

Engage with your new customers

  • Position offer containers in and around transaction flows to be top of mind during purchase

  • Deliver targeted offers in user experiences (i.e. an account page) to expose customers to relevant products and services – whether your own offers or an advertiser’s

  • We can build entire offer marketplaces to satisfy all of your customers' needs

Acquire New Customers

  • Include your offers in the OfferLogic Offer Library to acquire new customers on relevant sites

  • Implement targeting to ensure that your offers are seen by your most qualified prospects

  • Run A/B tests to find the creative that resonates best

  • Access real-time analytics of your offers across all placements

Power your partnerships

  • Place offers wherever you see fit using none of your own engineering resources

  • OfferLogic facilitates implementation and optimization so you don’t have to

  • Complete end to end designs from offer presentation to post click CRM engagement

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